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The Payne & Dolan Family provides the highest quality ready-mixed concrete and aggregate products.  We monitor and control the quality of our products at every stage: from the mining of the sand and gravel at our strategically located quarry operations, to the proper creation of the aggregates at our crushing facilities, to the manufacture of the completed product at our state-of-the-art concrete plants.

Our knowledgeable personnel provide professional, friendly service and have years of experience in the materials and building trades. We have high standards for both our products and our personnel, ensuring that you receive a safe, reliable, superior product from a person that you can trust to treat you fairly and honestly.

We deliver high-quality concrete for Interior, exterior and exposed aggregate surfaces as well as concrete for walls, footings, grouts and colored concrete.

We also offer concrete products such as:

  • Precast concrete tanks, septic, holding and grease traps, multi-compartment septic pumps
  • Car & truck parking bumper blocks
  • Retaining wall blocks
  • Concrete building block
  • Decorative pre-cast items (garden benches, birdbaths, stepping stones)
  • Concrete barriers