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Milling & Pulverizing

Providing a long lasting driving surface starts with producing a smooth stable base. Whether it’s milling off 2” of existing pavement to provide room for a new pavement surface or providing full-depth pulverizing of a roadway to allow for a total reconstruct, our crews are focused on giving it their all.

Our crews are trained and equipped with the latest technologies for grade control and equipment positioning controls.

Additionally, our company is equipped to provide high production full-depth milling or profile milling on interstate highways, state highways, county highways or city streets. We also have the milling equipment to providing milling services in tight areas and even have the capabilities to provide centerline or shoulder rumble strip grinding.

Our pulverizing operations allow us to provide customers with all different types pulverizing. These include:

  •         High production full-depth pulverizing
  •         Blending imported base course materials with existing roadway materials
  •         Cold In-Place Recycling

Whatever the process, our crews are prepared to meet all of our customer’s needs.